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​Alexander Page

It was such an interesting pathway I passed with Clintina. Their recommendation was to start ASAP without spending too much time on making a perfect web site or landing page. Our first landing was ready in 3 days and new clients appeared immediately. Since then I have implemented: marketing automation, task management system, cloud disk drives… And the biggest change was content creation. I am publishing video and blog posts every week. Clients are coming in a steady stream which I can control.

​Three Key Fields of Your Business


​​Your growth starts with the proper marketing system. This field will bring you money wise results so you will be able to finance other aspects of change. Marketing must be a measurable category and you will have all the necessary instruments to control it.


Yes, the sales are a different category from marketing. Together they create continuous flow ​of cash. Do you have a specific sales group? Mostly small businesses expect that clients will just come and buy. Times have changed and active sales are necessary, or your client will buy elsewhere.


Entrepreneurs have big problems with time management. Since everything is on their shoulders, they are just running from one fire to another. They feel busy but in reality, their productivity is 0.​ If you want to have a proper set up of business you need to organize yourself ​and your team. ​

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