About us

Our mission is to introduce our client with one of the most powerful sales channels. The Internet world possibilities are truly endless! Today, the Internet is the main platform for commercial activities for every company.

Maximum automation of internal business processes (billing, delivery of correspondence, etc.), allows us to maintain an individual approach to the problems and live communication with the customers

​We are a team of professionals who can organize the production of your internet marketing assets. Clientina is a one-stop-shop for your digital needs. Our experts have experience in designs, video production, programming, web design, branding, product development, automation of business processes… You name it, we have it. If we don't have it, we will find it.

​Cedomir Dordevic - I am an expert in marketing and business with more than 20-years of experience. I worked on marketing projects all over the world: Russia, Kazakhstan, Mongolia, China, United Arab Emirates, Jordan, Venezuela… I set up shows on national TV networks in several countries. He has experience in organizing sales networks, call centers and marketing teams that are able to give results that are measurable and controllable.

​Cedomir Dordevic


​Bassam Fouad - I am Art Director in Clientina and my specializations are advertising and design production. I have 15 years of experience in marketing agencies and design studios. Development of marketing projects in Egipt, Qatar, Jordan, and the United Arab Emirates gives me the right to say that today marketing has become an essential business process, especially this is important in one-man companies.

​Bassam Fouad

​Art Director

​Annabelle Djordjevic - The world has sped up and continues to accelerate every day. What used to be a positive experience yesterday, becomes a burden today. ​It is understandable that changes are difficult but you can always find people who are on the edge of changes. Today the young people of my age are the promoters of a new wave of technologies and development. Join us and you will flourish.

​Annabellle Djordjevic