Why is SEO Important?

"Over the last 2 decades, search engines have revolutionized the way we find everything. If people can't find your business on Google, they will find your competition."

Better Site Structure

Your site’s structure is extremely important to Google’s ranking algorithm. Afterall, if people didn’t find what they were looking for when searching Google, they’d have stopped using it years ago. Our experts figure out the top searches in your industry, and help you to organize your website so Google finds and chooses you when matching queries to results.

Stronger Content

Your site needs to have answers for the queries Google is getting, so you need strong relevant content to build the domain authority that Google is looking for. We work closely with clients in hundreds of business verticals to craft relevant and accurate content that grows site traffic.

Relevant Backlinks

Not only do we already have a vast network of relationships with sites that have a high domain authority, but we are experts at building new relationships. When these sites link back to yours, your site becomes more visible and present on the web. This is a key factor in Google’s ranking algorithm..

Increased Usability

Page speed, page size, the way your site renders across different devices as well as a number of invisible coded factors all affect Google’s placement of your site. Our proven methods help you quickly identify where you can improve your site both in the short-term and the long-term.

Targeted Local SEO

Google understands that certain searches depend on local results. We understands this too. Whether your business is an HVAC company, a hair salon or a restaurant, we know how to keep your SEO hyper-focused to specific nearby searches so you don’t waste your efforts, or your money.

More Social Engagement

Social signals from popular platforms like Facebook, Twitter and Linkedin directly affect the visibility of your content and so indirectly affect your search ranking in Google. WebiMax has been on the razor’s edge of social media marketing innovations for over a decade. With more experience than most of our competition, WebiMax should be your top choice for SEO.

let’s take a look at some of the main reasons why some small business owners are still reluctant to fully utilize the power of the Internet

I don’t have enough money !

I’ll just do it myself

I don’t understand how SEO will work for me

We already have a website

I don’t have time to manage the SEO process

Our customers don't use the internet to find us

We already tried SEO, and it did nothing for us

We see great results from PPC, TV, newspaper, and radio advertisements

We don't sell anything online

We just don’t think we’re interested right now



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